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Roadwork Roundup: Week of November 28

Roadwork Roundup: Week of November 28

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by: TownHubAdmin Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin  OP  New Member
~ 2 mos, 11 days ago   Nov 28, '22 10:27am  
Roadwork Roundup: Week of November 28
Roadwork Roundup: Week of November 28
These projects may impact traffic. Unless noted otherwise, expect an estimated two weeks for completion (weather permitting).
New Pavement Repairs
– EB and WB Blackstone Dr, West of Teel Pkwy (The Fairways)
– SB Hillcrest Rd, North of Ashmont Dr
Ongoing Pavement and Drainage Improvement Project
– Cottonwood St between North County Rd and Dogwood St (Frisco Ranch Estates)
Ongoing Pavement Repairs
– 12505 EB Lebanon Rd between Palmetto Dr and Coit Rd
– 1920 Sandstone Dr (Lakeside at Lone Star Ranch)
– SB Teel Pkwy at Bewley Dr.
– Promise Land Dr from Bocage Ln to Elmwood Dr (Plantation Resort)
Ongoing Alley Reconstruction Project
– Quest Dr between Roundtable Rd. and Excaliber Rd. (Preston Ridge)
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Tigerclown Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 10 days ago   Nov 29, '22 5:48am  
Thanks for the info. It will help to know what to detour.
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