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Local Topic Frisco Area Events This Weekend

Local Topic Frisco Area Events This Weekend

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by: TownHubAdmin Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin  OP  New Member
~ 1 week, 0 days ago    
Frisco Area Events This Weekend
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Frisco Area Events This Weekend
Take a look at our list of the top 10 events going on around the Frisco area this weekend.
* Adpotion Event s/event_details.php? event_id=9724&event_ date_id=45112&e
* Family Story Time
Join your favorite librarians in the Story Time Room for some songs, rhymes, books, and fun! s/event_details.php? event_id=9621&event_ date_id=44910&e
* Elementary Chess for New Players s/event_details.php? event_id=9732&event_ date_id=45129&e
* FairyTale Harps s/event_details.php? event_id=9730&event_ date_id=45127&e
* Melody of Hope's Monthly Music on Main Frisco Event Presented by Tumbleweed TexStyles s/event_details.php? event_id=9602&event_ date_id=45122&e
* Adpotion Event s/event_details.php? event_id=9724&event_ date_id=45113&e
* Live Music at Legacy West
Every Saturday night from 7-9pm, enjoy live performances by local musicians at the pop-up space located in front of Nike and Free People! s/event_details.php? event_id=9685&event_ date_id=44884&e
* Rotary Farmer's Market
Bring the family to the Rotary Farmers Market for fresh veggies and more! s/event_details.php? event_id=8615&event_ date_id=41955&e
* Adpotion Event s/event_details.php? event_id=9724&event_ date_id=45114&e
* In Person Sketch Sunday
Like to sketch or draw? Come to this free meetup! s/event_details.php? event_id=8658&event_ date_id=42602&e
Want more?
Keep up to date on events going on throughout the week by visiting the Events Calendar. s/
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BernE Active Indicator LED Icon 1
~ 1 week, 0 days ago    
Thank you for sharing!
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